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How to stay safe in hot weather

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Here's some general advice issued by Tenerife's Sanidad (health department) to protect you from sun and heat this Summer:

  • Stay in shaded areas and try stay in the cooler rooms in your home

  • Keep the blinds down during sunlight hours

  • Open windows overnight to cool your dwellings

  • Use fans or air conditioning to cool the environment wherever possible

  • Try not to move between the extremes of hot and cooler environments too often or too quickly

  • Try to avoid direct sunlight and when outside during sunshine hours, wear a hat and lightweight, light coloured clothing, and try to walk through shaded areas or with an umbrella for protection. Remember to take breaks in cool places. Like the bar ;) but remember, too much alcohol can lead to dehydration!

  • Always carry water and sip it frequently - it is better to STAY hydrated than have to RE hydrate

  • Never leave children or elderly people – or animals – alone inside a closed car for any period of time

  • Avoid strenuous activities in the central hours of the day

  • Eat light meals and refreshments rich in water and mineral salts, such as fruits and vegetables, which help to replenish salts lost by sweating

  • Not to drink alcoholic beverages... You're on holiday - just be sensible!

  • Keep an eye out for others, particularly those who might be sick or old people living alone

  • Always consult a doctor if taking medication that can influence the body’s ability to regulate temperature

  • Remember, the emergency services number is 112 if you or anyone you see is in trouble

Sun stroke is a serious problem and can lead to further health issues if precautions are not taken.

Also... If you're heading out on a boat in Tenerife this Summer, just remember to be sensible! If you're going out the night before, drink responsibly and remember you're going to be bobbing up and down... a lot... the next day. We've heard terrible stories of guests having a nightmare because they drunk a few too many the night before their private boat charter. Don't let this ruin your trip too!

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