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Corona Virus Update

Spain's President - Pedro Sanchez has announced a plan to take Spain out of lockdown over an 8 week period through 4 different "phases". Some of the Canary Islands (Graciosa, El Hierro and La Palma will be moving straight to "Phase 1", 2 weeks ahead of most of the rest of Spain due to their lower infection and death rates. Each phase is to take 2 weeks.

Here are the 4 phases of the lifting of the lockdown in brief...

Phase 0: Preparation Phase (Already happening). Kids were allowed out last weekend and on the 2nd of May, adults will be able to go outside for excercise. Some businesses have reopened by appointment only and restaurants are doing home delivery. All government buildings will be made ready for phase 1 with deep disinfection, advice on social distancing and protective measures installed.

Phase 1: Some activities can open. Restaurants, bars and hotels can be reopened under certain restrictions to be announced. Bars and restaurants can only open and serve on the terrace and hotels cannot open communal areas. When these businesses reopen, the over 65's will have a preferential time slot to access these amenities.

Phase 2: Restaurants can open and serve inside but only with 1/3 capacity. Theatres and cinemas can reopen with1/3 capacity. Visits to monuments and other cultural centres such as museums with 1/3 capacity. Open air cultural spaces may open if capacity is under 400 people and people are seated.

Phase 3: In order to get back to "business as usual" or as close as possible to, some of the restrictions of movement will be lifted and most businesses will be allowed to operate as usual. This is of course if there have been no signs of the virus infections increasing again.

Wizz Air have recently announced (rather controversially) that they will be restarting flights flying from Luton to 15 different destinations including Tenerife.

However, there is still some uncertainty as to when exactly Tenerife will get back to "business as usual" due to a potential "second wave" of the virus. After speaking with our collaborators, we would expect to be able to take private boat charter bookings from August. However, we would personally advise you to wait until September to be on the safe side.

We wish you all the best and to stay safe! Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to welcome you back to the gorgeous island of Tenerife again soon!

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